Results 2022

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2022 Open Events

Optimist Open 16th April

Topper Open 17th April

Spring Open Regatta 1st & 2nd May
Combined Dinghies
River Cruiser Class
Combined Keelboats 

Keelboat Open 21st & 22nd May

Dinghy Open 12th June

YBOD Open 18th & 19th June

Yeoman Nationals 25th & 26th June

River Cruiser Open 2nd & 3rd July

BOD Open 23rd & 24th July

Classic Dinghy Open 6th & 7th August

Yeoman Open 13th & 14th August

Dinghy Open 4th September

YBOD 10th & 11th September

Yeoman Open 17th September

BOD Open 1st & 2nd October

River Cruiser Open 8th & 9th October

End of Season Regatta 15th & 16th October 


Series Results

Dinghy Results    
Optimist (R1)  
Optimist (R2) Relayer Trophy
Combined Dinghys (R1)  
Combined Dinghys (R2)  
Toppers (R1)  
Toppers (R2) Moth Salver
ILCA (R1)  
ILCA (R2) Halcyon Trophy
Solo (R1)  
Solo (R2) Early Bird Trophy
All Comers B (R1)  
All Comers B (R1)  
River Cruisers    
Combined River Cruisers (R1) Forester Cup
Combined River Cruisers (R2)  
Keel Boats    
Combined Keel Boats (R1)  
Combined Keel Boats (R1)  
BOD (R1)  
BOD (R2) No Trophy
Yeoman (R1)  
Yeoman (R2) Yeoman Trophy
YBOD (R1)  
YBOD (R2) Blue Nun
Stars (R1)  
Stars R2)  
Combined All Comers