NBYC Update 02-07-2020

Following the government’s announcement easing restrictions for pubs and hotels, our committees, with guidance from the RYA, have been discussing what this means for us at NBYC.

I’m pleased to announce that from this Sunday and every Sunday thereafter we will be serving tea, coffee and drinks from the bar though our recently installed bar hatch overlooking the south lawn.

This early step will hopefully soon lead to us being allowed to serve food from The Galley.
But for this to happen we need your continued cooperation:

• Having collected your purchase from the external bar hatch, please move away from the clubhouse.
• No more than 30 people should gather on the veranda and immediate areas at any one time.
• At this time the bar and main dining room will remain closed.
• Picnic tables/benches should not be moved from their present positions.
• Please follow the one-way system that is in place for entry and exit to the toilets.
• Please make use of the sanitiser stations situated around the clubhouse.
• We would ask you to consider wearing face coverings when entering the building.

Many of you have been taking advantage of the good weather and sailing on the broad.

Unfortunately, at this time on advice from the RYA and as agreed by the Racing Group, we are unable to introduce any form of organised sailing. We will continue to monitor this closely and will let you know as soon as this changes.

Please can I repeat the earlier message that no course markers should be moved by any member.

At this point I would just like to thank Geoff and Heather Evans who have been doing an enormous amount of work interpreting the legislation, discussing with the RYA, and advising our best course of action.

I know many of you will question how it is possible to do ‘this and that’ but unable to do ‘the other’ – but we are not alone. Other clubs are in a similar position, and in opening our ‘hatch bar’ we are going further than most.

I also need to remind you that due to the restrictions associated with social distancing we are presently restricting entry to NBYC to members only.

Thank you for your continued support and I’m only sorry that the reopening of the bar coincides with a weekend that promises to be too windy to sail, but we will be serving so should you pop down to the club we will be ready to serve you.

Best wishes


Paul Youngs