Covid update 13th September 2020

You will be only too aware that the change in COVID-19 regulations in force from Monday 14th September have implications for all of us at NBYC.

Contact Tracing
We are now legally obliged to maintain contact details of everyone who attends the club so we can share these details should a positive case of Covid be linked to NBYC. We will retain these records for a minimum of 21 days.

On arrival at the club during hours of opening, you MUST report to the office to record your contact details on the Contact Tracing Log. It is essential that everyone complies with this request.

“Rule of 6”
The law now requires that groups should be no greater than 6 people (in England that Includes children).
It is important that you only socialise within your group, and do not mix with another individual or group. We appreciate this will be difficult however that is the legal requirement and failure to abide by the regulation will threaten the reputation of NBYC.

I do understand that this will be contrary to the normal social, some may say table-hopping, nature of your time spent at NBYC but nonetheless it is important that we follow this instruction.

Comments received from some members previously have called into question the guidelines but whatever personal view may be held we are confined by the law. Club officers have been tasked with reminding members who appear to be mixing with other groups of this requirement.  I would ask that you understand that they are speaking to you for your own safety, the safety of others and the reputation of the club.

These changes are being implemented to ensure we comply with the new legislation. Please help us by following them as, ultimately, failure to do so would leave us with no option other than to close the bar and catering facility at NBYC.

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding.