NBYC Update 20-05-2020

Wroxham Week
It is with huge regret that we have to advise you that Wroxham Week 2020 is cancelled. The Management Committee unanimously decided on Monday to make this difficult decision to ensure members could adjust their plans in good time. We understand this is the first time the regatta has been cancelled since WWII  but it was considered that the limitations on social gatherings, and the risk to volunteers, members and staff was such that it would have been impossible to provide anything resembling a regatta.
But Wroxham Week will return next year, and I’m beginning to think that 2021 is going to be a fun packed year!

In the meantime the best I can offer you is a dose of nostalgia with some Anglia TV News footage from July 1960 – http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/212346;
When our weekend bosun Ben Maples, left us in March Steve Wright, our full time bosun offered to further reduce his hours to allow us to recruit a new full time bosun. We were delighted to welcome Steve Smith as he joined us at the beginning of April from Plantscape, our grounds maintenance contractors . This has also allowed us to bring grounds maintenance back in-house – helping reduce costs. Steve’s working days are Wednesday to Sunday during the season, but he will not be involved in Safety Boat or Flag Pulling so volunteers will be required.
Having been at the Club for 15 years Steve Wright has unrivalled knowledge of our buildings and  site, and we will still be able to benefit from his expertise when we need it in the future.
We also reviewed our catering requirements and concluded that in the present circumstances the position of Catering Manager was redundant. We have therefore agreed redundancy terms with Jonathon Caswell. Jonathon is very understanding of our position and wishes the Club well for the future as he has enjoyed his 5 years with us.
I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Jonathon, Steve and Ben, all best wishes for the future.
While our Club Manager Peter works remotely at this time, Claire, Emily and Jason remain furloughed.

These are unprecedented times indeed and without doubt the NBYC of 2021 will bear little resemblance to that of 2019. But I’m sure we will come back stronger, leaner – and probably more appreciative of what we have at NBYC.
But for now and the remainder of 2020, we should be sensible, remain optimistic, but also be realistic in our expectations of what NBYC can offer at this time.

Stay safe!

Paul Youngs



NBYC Update

Following the PM’s address on Sunday evening, we have now received clarification from the Broads Authority that private boats can now use the broads and rivers. Owners may also visit their boats for leisure or to do maintenance but are not allowed to stay overnight away from their usual residence (so day trips only).

Here’s the full update: https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19 ).

We have discussed over recent weeks how we should look to reintroduce sailing at NBYC and have decided to implement the following 3 stage plan. This plan has no timeline and will follow guidance as it is issued by the government, the Broads Authority and the RYA.

Stage 1. NBYC will be open for Recreational sailing. This will allow members to sail on the broad, but there will be no organised racing at this time. In effect, the club is closed, but you may access the grounds and broad at your own risk.
Please also note that you are only permitted to sail with people who live in the same household as yourself.

Stage 2. Will see us offer on a Sunday, fixed form racing by request from a fleet – a course designed around fixed buoys with minimal race staff. (more details will follow prior to stage 2 being implemented)

Stage 3. We will offer a reduced timetable – E.G. dinghies am, keelboats pm, same course and race staff system as for stage 2.

I must impress upon you the continued risk to health of the COVID-19 pandemic and remind you that Social Distancing must be maintained at all times. So as not to encourage groups forming, the clubhouse, catering facilities and office will remain shut until further notice, but the toilets will remain accessible.

I would encourage you to wear facemasks, particularly where it is difficult to socially distance, and when entering the toilets. Please also consider other members, when using jetties/narrow walkways, by making use of passing places and/or waiting for them to exit the walkway.

I urge you to be sensible, optimistic but realistic in our expectations of what NBYC can offer at this time.

Stay safe!

Paul Youngs