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Do you use WhatsApp?

If you do we’ve introduced a new WhatsApp groups for this season that you might be interested in joining.

It’s the NBYC News group and it’s a group that lets us, let you know what’s happening at NBYC and we’ll use it to send out news and info.

This is a closed group and you’ll not be able to reply to any posts.

To join, just enter this URL into your phone’s browser:

NBYC Lockdown Activities

RYA Onboard

I hope you’re all doing well in this weird new temporary world we find ourselves in!

Now i know we’d all rather be enjoying ourselves at NBYC, but at the moment it’s just not possible so the RYA have been busy putting some things together to keep you busy until such time as we can. 

So here we go here are some ideas to help you #SailFromHome!

Firstly they’ve produced a weekly video tutorial for sailors called Sail Smarts, the video comes out every Wednesday at 10am on the RYA YouTube channel. So far they’ve released three videos, all detailed below. The latest two videos also have downloadable activity sheets for children (and parents) to try at home.

Take a look here:



Tides activity sheet


Clouds activity sheet

Again for the kids you can also find a weekly ‘Knot On The Water’ video on the RYA YouTube Channel and the RYA OnBoard Instagram page (@ryaonboard) which shows you how to tie different sailing knots. Keep an eye out for other challengers such as one handed bowlines! – it might be quite useful for some parents to take a look at that as well – just saying… 🙂

If you are looking for something a little more advanced then you can head over to the British Sailing Team YouTube channel where they have a huge numbers of videos themed around each day -Motivation Monday, Tune-In Tuesday, Workout Wednesday etc.

Keep an eye out for Mike Macnamara and Flip Foulds on the two videos discussing sail design!

eSailing Virtual Regatta – you now truly can sail from home! Not only that you can race against some members of the British Sailing Team! The RYA have also produced a number of tutorial videos available on the YouTube channel and website. If you’d like to get involved wioth the NBYC Virtual Regatta, just get in touch with Ian Richardson on Facebook.

Finally, there are some other links you might want to take a look at:

RS Sailing at home activities

1851 Trust STEM crew website

World Sailing education materials

Back to school with Dee Caffari (Ocean Safety YouTube Channel)

Ocean Race learning resources  

That’s it for now. Have fun, stay safe, and see you all soon!

02-04-20 COVID-19 UPDATE

Further to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Flag Officers have agreed that the club will continue to be closed for organised racing, training and social events for a further period up to May 31st. Any events detailed in the Social Programme during this period should be presumed to be cancelled.
We have also decided with regret, that due to the organisation involved in putting them on, we need to make an early call on two further events scheduled for June and July.
These events are:

  • Saturday June 6th – NBYC Has Talent
    Postponed until later in the season
  • Saturday 18th July – The NBYC Summer Fundraising Ball
    Postponed until 2021 (The office will be in touch to arrange deposit refunds)

 I very much hope that we shall begin to have a clearer view on the effects of the pandemic as we enter into early May that will allow us to begin to plan racing, training and social events for the remainder of the season.
Despite everything, we do have a couple of things coming up to help entertain you during this period of lockdown.
James ‘Duggers’ Dugdale will be running a ‘Facebook Live’ Quiz Night – watch out for details being announced shortly!
I can also share that Ian Richardson is planning some virtual racing – If you’re interested, just head over to the NBYC Facebook page and leave a message on the VIRTUAL RACING post and Ian will let you know how you can get involved.
So that’s your update for the time being. Please be assured that we continue to monitor the situation and in the meantime look to identify and act on areas where overhead cost savings can be achieved, with the purpose of minimising the financial impact of this awful virus and securing the future of the club.
Best wishes, stay safe,

Paul Youngs