How do I become a member?

    New members are welcomed at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club. Please call the office to arrange a visit.  Fees and application forms are available to down-load on the website.


    Do you have a ‘Social Member’ category

    No, as all mooring and storage fees for members boats are payable separately technically all membership fees are for social membership only.


    Do you have a family membership rate?

    Yes, please see our membership page for more information. A family membership consists of 1 full member, 1 spouse/partner and one or more juniors under 18.


    Am I able to bring a visitor to the Club?

    Visitors may be admitted to the premises of the club, provided such visitor has not:
    been rejected as a candidate for membership election, or previously been expelled as a member, or ceased to be a member due to non payment of subscriptions under Rule 5.1.3. With the exception of Wroxham Week, Monday to Saturday no person may come as a visitor to the clubhouse or any other part of the club premises and grounds on more than SIX individual days in any one year. The names of all such visitors shall be entered in the visitors book or on the open regatta entry form (if applicable). Guests shall not remain after the member, by whom they have been introduced, has left.


    What are the Club office opening hours?

    Office hours vary throughout the year. During the racing season (early April until the end of October) the Office is usually open 0900 to 1600 Monday to Friday and 0900 to 1700 at weekends. Between November and early April the office is usually open Monday to Friday only, approx 0900 to 1600. (The office may be closed during periods of staff leave or absence).  The Club Maintenance Manager is usually onsite between 0830 and 1600 Monday to Friday. During the racing season the club also employs a Weekend Bos’n.


    When are the bar & restaurant open?

    Full details of opening times are available in the ‘Club Programme’ and on the website.


    Does the Club own boats that I am able to borrow?

    The Club owns nine Toppers, four Optibats, three yeomans & a wayfarer, any suitably competent member wishing to borrow one of the Club boats must first ask permission from the office and complete a club hire agreement form. The boats are only available for half a day hire. The cost of this is £5 for the opis / toppers and £10 for use of the yeomans.


    What launching fees are payable?

    There are no launching fees for members.


    Where should I launch my boat from?

    Dinghies can be launched from the Dinghy Dyke, the Wayfarer Slip or the small slip in front of the office, by hand launching trolleys only. Vehicles may not be used to launch boats.  (Larger boats and non members may launch by vehicle from the Trafford Beach slipway adjacent to the Club entrance).


    Do you allow dogs on your premises?

    Dogs must not be brought away from the car park except when taking them directly to or from a boat, dogs must be kept on a lead. At no time may dogs be exercised on Club premises.


    Can I use the Crane, Winch and/or pressure washer?

    Two keys works the crane and pressure washer and winch; keys are available from the office at a cost of £20. Members are required to attend a training course before using the crane and winch facility, this can be booked with the Office. Keys must not be loaned to other members or visitors.


    What is the security code for the gate?

    The code changes each season (around Easter) and is sent out in our mailing at the beginning of the season.  Please contact the office if you need a reminder. 


    Is there wifi access available at the Club?

    Yes public wifi is available, for more information please visit http://www.nbyc.co.uk/en/nbyc-information/wi-fi-now-nbyc 


    Do I need to accompany my child when they are attending a training course?

    Please follow this link to view our duty of care policy


    Can the Club offer private sailing tuition? 

    Private tuition can be arranged, the Club also runs formal training courses for juniors and adults, also Powerboat training and direct assessments. See the Training section on the website for details. 


    Do you provide training courses for non members?

    Yes we are able to provide some of our training to non members. Please contact the Office for more information


    Are there any public moorings available at the Club?

    There are no public moorings available at the Club.  Please contact the Broads Authority for details of public moorings in the area.


    What are the Racing/Sailing Rules

    While on the water the Clubs ‘Sailing Instructions’ must be followed.  This includes details of when buoyancy aids should be worn.  Juniors are expected to wear buoyancy aids at all times while on water and around the grounds.


    Does the Club accept credit or debit cards?

    The Club accepts both debit and credit cards. Please note there is a 2.5% handling fee when using a credit card. There is no extra charge on a debit card.


    Is there parking at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club?

    Yes, there is a large car-park for members and their guests to use free of charge.


    When is Wroxham Week

    This is usually the last week of July each year.  Full details are in the Club Programme and on the website. 


    Can I hire the clubhouse?

    Yes, you can hire the clubhouse, when not required for Club use the clubhouse is available for private hire. Please contact the office for further details.